Amber The Human

This lil’ firecracker came over one night to do her homework so I made her shredded potato hashbrowns and pasta. We spent maybe an hour talking about past, present and future lovers. She let me take her picture in the midst of going through Tinder.

Summer Exhibition 2015

I went to the summer fair exhibition and it was so packed. Although, we went at a good time in the day because the sun was going down just enough to tint the sky into cotton candy.

Fish & Flowers

My good friend invited me to hang out one day in the summer so we waddle our way to the indoor conservatory. On our way back home, we ran into a puppy and another friend of ours. Coincidentally, our friend was lost and rode the streetcar all the way back with us until he realized he was going the wrong way.

Cloud Study

On any normal day the clouds turn into one giant cloud and blanket the sky but occasionally I can catch waves of fluff from my window rolling around and shifting from here to there.